Good Fuzzy Feeling Thankful List

I was asked a little while ago to compile a list of feel good things in my life. Not the obvious—loves in my life, shelter, food, etc, but the little things. What a great idea! There are a lot of things in life that can bog you down, that we can lose sight of the small beautiful things. The things that add flavor to your life. We have so much to be thankful for and it doesn’t take much to think of a list of things that just make you feel…happy…..giddy. I decided to compose my list of things in life that are my good fuzzy thankful things.

  1. Sunny days
  2. Putting on a new pair of socks
  3. Clean baby smell right after a bath
  4. A long hot shower
  5. A belly laugh that makes you cry
  6. My dog pressing his head against me when he wants some loving
  7. Watching my kids dance
  8. Glass of red wine
  9. My hubby opening the door for me
  10. Music that makes up the soundtrack of my life
  11. Rocking on my porch
  12. Finding a good bargain
  13. Flavored creamer
  14. A clean house
  15. A baby’s bum in the air when they are nestled in their crib
  16. A warm blanket just out of the dryer
  17. Snuggling with my hubby
  18. Watermelon on hot day
  19. Belting out lyrics to a song
  20. My kids shrieking with giddiness and laughing

What’s on yours?

Photo credit: Watermelon by bek30

Angela Brown About Angela Brown

Angela Brown is the owner/editor of ChumMom. Angela married her best friend and they have three little cuties, four including their first which is their Beagle. Right now she is a stay at home mom and is constantly learning on this journey of motherhood. In addition to ChumMom, she is also a yogi and a lover of music, animals, and the Red, White, and Blue.

  • Dana Adams

    What a great post, Angela. I think taking the time to be thankful for the seemingly little things in life is so necessary for living a joyful, fully-engaged life.

    A few of mine:
    -an iced skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks. Yum!
    -dates with my husband 
    -walks with my family
    -cool autumn days